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First Dutch Languagepack available

May 6, 2010 at 8:36 PM

Today the first complete Survey 1.2.1 Languagepack became available for download and installation. As a native speaker of both the Frysian and Dutch language it seemd appropriate to start off with a Dutch i.e. Nederlands taalpakket. We hope to have delivered a suitable translation of all texts of the Survey Administration tool version 1.2.1

While creating the languagepack we noticed some texts of the administration tool are still hardcoded. The next Survey release will take care this issue. These texts are already written in the xml language files but will have no effect untill the next release.

You can download the zipped Languagepack files at the community site: 

Should you feel inspired to contribute, complete or create the language pack for one of the other world languages (preferably your own native tongue), feel free to send in your files or add your ideas and comments to one the surveyproject Forum at the community site. You can ask your questions on technical issues or advise there as well.

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