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Survey Web Application Project (WAP) Source Code

Mar 1, 2011 at 9:43 PM

Added to the Source Code downloads repository a brand new survey Branch named "survey-1.2.3.-alpha-WAP" for a special Web Application Project version for MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express or Visual Studio developers.

Brief instructions (for more information check documentation or the survey projectsite):

Survey v. 1.2.3. Web Application Project

Installation instructions for MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express:

1. Download sourcecode from survey-1.2.3.-alpha-WAP directory
- save the source code to a directory from where you want to start developing the application

2. Create a Mssqlserver database (2005/2008 or >):
- use sql scripts: Survey123_NewDBInstall.sql or Survey123ExistingDBInstall.sql (or version 1.2.2.)
- scripts can be found at Trunk/_Sql directory

3. Create IIS (6 or >) webapplication (.NET 4.0 integrated):
- default url: http://localhost/surveywap
- in case of a different sitename change the SurveyWAP.csproj file (see <IISUrl>http://localhost/SurveyWAP</IISUrl>) in the SurveyWAP directory

4. Start MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
- in case of making direct use of a local webserver: start Ms VWD Express as Administrator (right click)
- open NSurvey_WebAdmin.sln solution file
- 7 projects + 1 webapplication should now open
- right click Solution 'Nsurvey_Webadmin' (8 projects): select build solution
- check the output and errorlist to make any corrections (e.g. check or repair references)

5. Once the solution and projects are up and running you can start programming and developing.
- for any further instructions on how to share your code and changes please check the Surveyproject websites at:


Any questions can be posted to

6. More backgroundinformation on the use and devepment of Web Application Projects can be found at: