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Change Set 67649

Topics: Source Code & Change Sets
Jun 8, 2011 at 10:04 PM
by fwsmaster
Today at
10:48 PM
1 Trunk for Major release Survey-1.2.4 - COMPLETED. Note: after download unzip aspnet_client/FreeTextBox/
This Change Set is ready to be used for further development of Major Release 1.2.4 (Trunk) and Minor Release

Added Wednesday 8th June

Because of Codeplex uploading problems of larger amounts of data at a time several uploads and Change Sets are needed and created to completely upload all sources to the Trunk, Branch and Tags properly.

- This Change Set 67649 is the starting point for developing the next Survey version 1.2.4 (after completing and releasing v. 1.2.3). This will be done from the Trunk of this Change Set.
- Bug fixing and support on the current Survey 1.2.3. release will be done from the Branch Survey- Minor releases will be published from this branch if necessary.
- Any stable release published (minor or major) will be saved and fixed in the Tag directory. Tagged sources cannot and should not be changed.

Instructions on how to contribute to the next survey versions (minor or major) can be found at the documentation section.