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Survey Library of Free XML survey files

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Aug 28, 2011 at 9:51 PM

At the Survey Project Community site a new feature has been added for sharing surveys created by the Survey webapplication. You can find this Survey Library at (menu Survey - Survey Library).

The purpose of this library (or repository) is to create acollection of free open source surveys and quesionnaires based on contributions by the Survey community and anyone willing to share the results of using the surveytool, survey campaigns or survey research & development.

As of now please consider sharing your surveys created with the Survey Project tool. You can export any survey created as an XML file and upload them to the site through the survey repository. Once available your fellow Survey users will be able to import the survey throught the Survey tool.
Through the Survey Community Forums you will be able to share your experiences, any thoughts and discuss further improvements or using any particular survey in the field.

Note: also check the Research & Development section of the site for interesting survey development projects.

Kind regards