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Insert Page Break has unexpected behavior

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Jul 21, 2012 at 5:37 AM

We have a 10 question survey.  Each question is on a separate page.  So there are 10 pages.

When we click Insert-Page-Break on Question 9, we expect Q9 pushed to P10, Q10 pushed to P11 and be left with a blank Page 9.

That isn't what's happening.  Multiple blank pages get inserted in multiple areas.   Some questions merge into other pages.  Whole thing gets all messed up.

Looking at the vts_spSurveyInsertPageBreak procedure, the query is updating all questions in the survey based on DisplayOrder.  

The problem is, the DisplayOrder values in the tbQuestion table don't correspond to the PageNumber values for the respective questions.  They're completely different.  I don't see how the stored-procedure can ever succeed in this situation.

I can provide an XML if anyone wants to take a look at it.  If we can't get the survey builder to function as expected, it kills our whole project.

Jul 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM


I'm afraid you're running into one of the remaining issues of the SP 2.0 development proces. Based on your description a new issue ( was created. An overview of v. 2.0 testresults was added as well.

The previous issue can be found at: Codeplex Item # 8630.

Any additional information would be helpfull, if you can send the XML to or upload it to the issue nr. 10092

A temporary workaround/ advise:
- determine the exact order of questions/ pages (on paper) before you start adding them and to avoid resorting as much as possible
- be aware of the different working of links on page level and on question level

Thanks for reporting.
Survey Project Coordinator