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SP Sourcecode & Development moved to

Topics: General '15, Source Code & Change Sets, Survey Project Team
Apr 11, 2015 at 7:45 PM
Since the beginning of the Survey Project the website has always been the place to find new and old releases, sourcecode, documentation etc. and it's been a great site to work from.

Lately we've noticed a lack of support on the Codeplex site from Microsoft and deteriorating performance of the source code repositories. For this reason we've moved the source code repositories as of SP v. 2.3 final to the new site where SP repositories and sources will be maintained and made available:

The development code for SP v. 2.4 can be found at:

Repositories and forks on Codeplex will no longer be used for SP development purposes. The SP codeplex site will remain available at all time (as long as MS allows us of course). Features like Issue registration, wiki and documentation will be moved gradually to GitHub.

Instructions on how to make use of the new Github can be found at the Github site. You can create an account for free. Windows users can make use of the Github for Windows software which makes development and making contributions fairly easy.

You can always contact us once you've got yourself setup properly and want to make contributions.