Survey™ Project v. 2.3 Beta

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Updated: Aug 20, 2014 by fwsmaster
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Release Notes

New Features & Fixes

SP 2.3. BETA - status: 2014/08/19

I. New Features:

1- complete overhaul of Administration tool userinterface:
  • Layout & graphics adjustments and changes;
  • Use of fieldset, ol/li, div, labels instead of tables & literals;
  • Introduction of new logo & headerreplacement;
  • Menu adjustments;
  • Login panel adjustments;
  • Introduction of Perfect Scrollbar;
  • Results: graphical reports - Columnchart & Piechart adjustments
2- Survey userinterface adjustments & introduction of survey version for mobile devices as default for
  • Mailings
  • Preview
  • Take Survey
  • Web - deployment url
through the use of:
  • bootstrap 3.2.0
  • fontawesome 4.1.0
  • Modernizer 2.7.2
  • Respond 1.4.2
  • Html5shiv
  • new CSS file: surveymobile.css
Original survey layout & css still available through use of menuoption Layout (nsurveyform.css) and as weblink through menuoption Campaigns/ Web

3- CSS cleanout & new files added

4-Several new additions & corrections to XML language files (English, Dutch, German)

5-New (sub)filter options on menuoption Results-Filters and Results/Reports-Graphical Reports

II. Technical upgrades:

1- CKeditor 4.4.3 + skins;
2- Jquery cleanout and upgrades to latest versions;
3- ASTreeview;

4- Introduction of Nuget Packages directory: 11 packages added;
5- Introduction of Libary directory for third party DLL's;
6- Permission to use ItextSharp 5.5.2 for next SP releases; testbutton added to menuoption Data Export - Export PDF

7- Removal of Enterprise Library - Data customization + default EL (data/ custom) added as Nuget packages;

III. Bugfixes

1- Error on adding/ copying question to/ from library;
2- Error on adding/ copying question to/ from survey;
3- Error library: move question up/ down
4- Sorting option on surveylist not working + responses column based on voters instead of nr. of times shown
5- Error on deleting ip range (surveyiprange.cs)
6- Error delete regexpression

- Database script changes
  • removed redundant & legacy insert lines
  • fieldorder adjustments to stored procedures
  • addition of subfilter tablechange & stored procedures