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Automated Installation

The automated MSI installation is the easiest way to install Survey on a computer (pc, laptop or server) if you have local access. The Microsoft Installer wizard will guide you through the installation proces automatically. You cannot install Survey from your local machine to a remote server using the MSI.

In order to use the MSI installer you must first make sure that you have an installed and working copy of SQL Server or MSDE and activated the Internet Information Services through the Add/Remove Windows Components options of the Windows Add or Remove Programs control panel.

Once you have a setup of SQL server and a Web server, make sure that ASP.NET is configured and installed on your machine. If you receive the sources of the aspx files as clear text in your browser once you've installed Survey then you will need to install or re-install ASP.NET on your machine.

If everything is configured correctly you may now run the MSI installer. The installer will check for itself and let you know if anything is missing.

Step 1 - Starting the Installation


After you have downloaded the Survey.msi file from the Survey project Website and saved it to your computer, the first step is to double click the survey.msi file. This will start the automated installation proces. It's first check will be to see if you've got the .Net framework version 2.* or higher installed. Next you will see the Welcoming screen. Click Next to continue.

Step 2 - Checking Requirements


Several checks are executed. The results are reported to you through the requirements screen. Different operating systems will trigger different checks:

- Administrator privileges ared needed to run the installation
- checkIIS: checks for IIS, at least version 5 and above
- CheckIIS7Modules: check if IIS7 has required modules
- checkIIS7AndFastCgi: checks if IIS7 is installed with the FastCGI global module; checks if webserver role CGI feature is installed
- checkASPNet: checks for an ASP.NET 2.0 installation
- checkAJAX: checks for the ASP.NET Ajax Extension
- checkIUSR: checks if the IUSR or IUSR_Computername/the internet guestaccount exists and determines it's name
- checkSQLSERVER: SoftCheck for SQLSERVER and tries to determine installed instances

Step 3 - License Agreement


SURVEY 1.0.0 is a web survey and form engine based on the open source webapplication formerly known as NSurvey 1.6. NSurvey was written by Thomas Zumbrunn, copyright (c) 2004 and published under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. The new SURVEY project was started by Fryslan Webservices™, copyright (c) 2009. The SURVEY open source webproject can be found at You can freely use the Survey application once the licensing terms are accepted.

Note: you may never run into step 4 to 6.

Step 4 - Disk Space Requirements


While the installation wizard is running in the background it determines the amount of free space available on your computer versus the amount needed to install the webapplication. In certain situations because of this proces the Disk Space Requirements screen may show up. Please do not wait for any results but click the Return button and follow steps 5 and 6 after which you should restart the wizard and try once more.

Step 5 - Cancel the Installation


Once you've clicked the Return button at step 5 you will return to the License Agreement Screen. If the Next button is still not available, click the Cancel button to interrupt the installation and restart the Survey.msi file.

Step 6 - Interrupt and Exit


After you have clicked the Cancel button on the License Agreement screen and have confirmed the cancellation the Exit screen will appear. Click the Finish button to leave the installation. Restart the installation proces by double clicking the Survey.msi install file.

Step 7 - Create Website


This is where you set up your website in IIS. There are two options: a. create an entirely new website with its own ip and/or maindomainname (i.e.; b. create a new virtual directory in an already existing website (i.e. Go to step 8. to create a new virtual directory. If you want to create a new website just follow the instructions of the wizard.

Step 8 - Create Virtual Directory


The list of existing (default) websites is generated by the wizard. In case of multiple websites select the default site to be used. Next enter the name of the new virtual directory (e.g. mynewsurvey). Then click the Browse button to select the file directory where the webfiles will be placed - see step 9.

Step 9 - Create the Webfiles Directory


By default the wizard points to the rootdirectory of the default website. Here you can create a new folder to store the survey webfiles or select an already existing (emtpy!) folder. You can also create a new folder outside the root of the default website.

Step 10 - Confirm Foldercreation


Once you've created a new folder to store the survey webfiles please confirm the creation. The wizard will then return to the website creation screen - step 11.

Step 11 - Confirm Virtual Directory


Check the selection of the default website, the virtual directory name and the folder name for the webfiles. Then click Next to continue.

Step 12 - SqlServer Setup


This is where you enter the details of the MsSql server instance running on your computer. Make sure it is up and running before you fill out this screen. The wizard will check the connection and existance of the Sqlserver details. You have two options to connect to sqlserver: a. integrated windows authentication; b. user based authentication for which you will have to enter the login details.

Step 13 - Database Setup


After you have managed to connect to Sqlserver you can create the Survey database and (main) database user. Fill out the details as asked for by the wizard (and replace the default entries).

Step 14 - Mailserver Setup


Throught the Survey webapplication you can send mailinvitations to participate in a survey. To be able to make use of this option the webapplication will have to be able to connect to a Smtp mailserver. Please fill out the details of the Smtp connection the website should make use of.

Step 15 - Start the Installation


After all details for the website, directory, database and mailserver have been filled out the installation proces will start as soon as you click the Install button. The installation should only take a few minutes.

Step 16 - Installation Progress


During installation the wizard will show the progress screen to keep you informed about the running processes.

Step 17 - Final Confirmation


At the end of the installation process the final screen appears for you to finish the installation by clicking the Finish button. Before you do this you can choose to start the survey webapplication right after finishing the installation automatically or not.

Finished & ready to use...

o Once the wizard has finished succesfully you should now be able to start and make use of the Survey webapplication. If you did not choose to start the website automatically you can start the website manually:
a. by opening your webbrowser and entering the webaddress of the new Survey application;
b. by clicking the Internet shortcut (LaunchSurvey) that was created in the files directory of the survey webapplication.

o During installation a logfile (install.log) was created in the survey file directory. This file contains the details of your survey website as entered during the installation.

o Should you run into problems during the installation there is a first step in identifying the cause of the problem by (re)running the installation and starting the Survey.msi installer from the command line with the following statement:

msiexec /i "your directorypath\Survey.msi" /l*v SurveyLogFile.txt

This will create a verbose logfile with all the details of every step taken during the installation proces. The logfile can be found in Documents and Settings/ root of [your computeraccount] directory.

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