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Joining the Survey™ Project

When you feel like contributing to this project on a regular (*) basis here are the steps to follow.

- First create a Codeplex account.

- Next click the Join Us link at the Survey Project frontpage and submit your message.

- To decide on what would be the best position on the team we've setup a short survey (surprising isn't it?!) to match our needs and your qualities. After sending the Join Us message you will be invited to fill out the survey. You can find it at:

If you send us your answers we will let you know as soon as possible if we think we've got a match!

*) Note: because of the number of applicants to join the project membership will be terminated if there is no activity at this site or the community site for more than 60 days.

!! To join development you can start right now: follow these instructions.


For more information on the Survey Project Organization (teams & positions) go here
For more information on the Survey Project Tasks and Working areas go here

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