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Added to the Source Code downloads repository is a TAG named "survey-1.2.3." for a special Web Application Project version for MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express or Visual Studio developers.
To get free versions of the Microsoft software to work on this project go to :

Brief instructions on how to install the Survey WAP project  (for more information check the documentation or the survey projectsite):

Survey v. 1.2.3. Web Application Project

Installation instructions for MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express:

1. Download sourcecode from survey-1.2.3. TAG directory
- save the source code to a directory from where you want to start developing the application (unzip, set read/write options, use administrator account)

2. Create a Mssqlserver database (2005/2008 or >):
- use sql scripts: Survey123_NewDBInstall.sql or Survey123ExistingDBInstall.sql (or version 1.2.2.)
- scripts can be found at Trunk/_Sql directory

2b. Adjust the web.config file in the SurveyWAP webroot
- set database connection (server, dbasename, username, password)
- adjust mailserver settings (smtp server, username, password)

3. Create IIS (6 or >) webapplication (.NET 4.0 integrated):
- default url: http://localhost/surveywap
- in case of a different sitename (url) change the SurveyWAP.csproj file (see <IISUrl>http://localhost/SurveyWAP</IISUrl>) in the SurveyWAP directory

4. Start MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
- in case of making direct use of a local webserver: start Ms VWD Express as Administrator (right click)
- open NSurvey_WebAdmin.sln solution file
- 7 projects + 1 webapplication should now open
- right click Solution 'Nsurvey_Webadmin' (8 projects): select build solution
- check the output and errorlist to make any corrections (e.g. check or repair references)

5. Once the solution and projects are up and running you can start programming and developing.
- for any further instructions on how to share your code and changes please check the Surveyproject websites at:


Any questions can be posted to as well.

6. More backgroundinformation on the use and devepment of Web Application Projects can be found at:

Note: Survey source code .chm helpfiles can be downloaded at

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