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Survey™ Project is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online. Survey™ Project is ideal for anyone who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently.
  • Survey™ Project is a constantly evolving web application written in ASP.NET 4 and C# 4.0.
  • It's easy to add new types of questions or answers because of it's object oriented and modular architecture.
  • The Survey™ Project is a restart of the open source web survey solution NSurvey: "The web survey and form engine".
  • Survey™ Project is based on Nsurvey as written by Thomas Zumbrunn, Copyright (c) 2004/2005.
You can start making contributions right away. No registration or membership is needed.

Just follow the instructions carefully:

Click here to start programming now.

To become an official SP project member you will have to make regular contributions to the project first.

Instructions on how to become a Member and  join the project.
For the latest news visit the Survey™ Project Community at

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Demosite on SP 2.3 BETA

-New! Survey v. 2.2 - SQL (alpha) available for download!


- SP v. 2.2. Final available including Source Code.

- New SP YouTube Channel with How To movies

- Survey™ 2.0 added to MS Windows Web App Gallery

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Survey™ Project Websites Project Goals &  Cost Donations & Sponsors
The following sites are part of the current project:

- Survey™ Project Codeplex:
  • sharing of source code
  • issue registration
  • new releases;
  • documentation

- Survey™ Project Community at
  • project log and status updates
  • community forums on all Survey related subjects
  • Survey product backgrounds
  • links and help files

- Survey™ Project Demonstation at
  • test and demo site of the online administration tool
  • test and demo of online survey samples
Project Goals

- Share the original Nsurvey open source code (v. 1.6 & 1.9)
- Further the development of the original Nsurvey solution
- Create an up-to-date standalone Survey™ web application
- Create new DNN Survey™ modules for the DotNetNuke® web content management platform
- All published under GNU licences

Project Cost

Include     Markup and Code
Codebase     199,423 Lines of Code
Effort (est.)     51 Person Years
Avg. Salary     55.000 $/year

VALUE:          $2,780,697

Calculated (May 1st 2011) by:

The donations will be used to finance the Survey™ Project:

- development
- support
- project management and infrastructure

You can make your donations via Paypal:

  Survey Project Paypal Donations

If you appreciate it, we can add your name / company on our Donation Acknowledgements page.

Sponsors & Advertisements

You can contact the Survey™ Project to sponsor the projects activities or place your advertisements on the Community site. Send us your mail at:

You can visit the Survey™ Project Community site for more details.


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