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NSurveyAdmin\CSS\UserCSS\1\ Missing


I click on a survey > Designer > Layout

And get this .net error:

UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Survey\NSurveyAdmin\CSS\UserCSS\1\' is denied.]

I checked and in install package 2.3 Final and there is no \1\ subdirectory below UserCSS...\NSurveyAdmin\CSS\UserCSS


jbradley wrote Jul 6, 2015 at 2:54 PM


Fellow user here. I'm not certain why you're getting an UnauthorizedAccessException, but it sounds like it could be an issue with file permissions. The \1\ folder inside of UserCSS is where a custom CSS sheet will be stored if/when you upload one for survey, ID: 1. I believe these folders are generated on survey creation and stay empty until you upload a custom CSS sheet.

If you were to create a second and third survey, they would be located in \2\ or \3\ inside of the UserCSS folder, depending on the ID of the survey.

I wonder if something is blocking the web admin panel from generating these folders. Does the same error occur when you create more surveys? Or is it only happening for that one?

Hope this helps.

fwsmaster wrote Jul 7, 2015 at 9:50 PM

Hello Daniel, Jon,

First of all I'm quite happy to see one SP user supporting the other. It's been quite rare since the beginning of the project. Thanks both for contributing.

Concerning the issue:
  • after selecting a survey to work on and next go to designer/ layout a directory is automatically created in nsurveyadmin/css/usercss/[surveyid] as Jon explained (though not on creating the survey);
  • the directory is used to save/upload custom css files;
  • when a footer/ header or CSS file is created/saved database entries are made referencing the custom css files (table: vts_tbsurveylayout)
  • when a survey is deleted entries are removed from the vts_tbsurveylayout table; the css directory remains (should be deleted = new feature)
  • the default SP install files do not contain any subdirectories below the CSS/UserCSS directory; a new /1/ directory should be created on using the designer/layout menu option for the first survey created;
It’s not clear why you are experiencing the issue. More details may help (see Jons questions).

Kind regards,
SP Coordinator