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Piping Issue on Page Navigation


When using the (answer)piping option combined with the next page/ previous page navigation the piping alias is not changed and replaced the second time.

  • Piping alias Question 1. = CU
  • Answerpipingcode set on Question 2. = [[CU]]
  • Start suvey and answer question 1. = "OK"
  • Next page: question 2., answer through piping = "OK"
  • now go to Previous Page, change answer Question 1. = "NOT OK"
  • go to Next page: question 2., answer still = "OK" --> Piping no longer active
  • pipemanager.cs searches & replaces [[..]] signs in saved voteranswers
  • after first visit [[..]] code no longer exists in saved voteranswers (replaced by "OK" on first visit)
  • the saved and replaced aliascode should be reversed to the original aliascode when navigating to a previous page
  • meanwhile a manual update of the answer is necessary when the answer of the piped question is changed after navigating back and forth


fwsmaster wrote Apr 11, 2015 at 3:05 PM

Steps to Replicate:
  1. Create survey, set to active, enable previous/ next page navigation
  2. add question one (single type) + answer: type field basic + set Pipe Alias e.g.: TestPiping
  3. add question two (Single type) + answer: type field basic
  4. edit question two:
    add [[TestPiping]] to the question text +
    add [[TestPiping]] to answertext +
    add [[TestPiping]] to default text value;
  5. add page break between question one and question two
  6. Next open survey through deployment url (Campaigns web):
  7. Answer question one (answer that will be piped to question two);
  8. next go to question two: piped answer will appear three times:
    a. In questiontext;
    b. In answertext;
    c. In default value;
  9. next go back to previous page (question one)
  10. adjust the (piped) answer;
  11. next go to question two again;
  • new/ correcteded answer is piped correctly in a. Question text; b. In answertext;
  • not piped correctly in the default text value --> the initial piped answer is still there;
after corretion of piped answer " default text value" is also adjusted;