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Scored Totals in Endmessage not working


If a survey is set to Scored (Settings menu) and through the Completion option a conditional end message is created including the use of the ::score:: tag to show the total score only the text ::score:: is shown after submitting the survey.

Cause: the file in ... Reflector\Nsurvey_BLL\Votations.NSurvey.BusinessRules\Survey.cs


public string GetThanksMessage(int surveyId, VoterAnswersData surveyAnswers, bool evaluateScores)
                if ((evaluateScores && (row.MessageConditionalOperator == 4)) && (scoreTotal > row.Score))
// removed: return row.ThankYouMessage;
// added:
                   thankYouMessage = row.ThankYouMessage;

Note: replace every - return row.ThankYouMessage; - with the - thankYouMessage = row.ThankYouMessage; -

The fix will be part of the next Survey Release.
Closed Mar 25, 2012 at 7:57 PM by
Fixed in SP v.2.0 Stable