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Survey Project Integrated Development Environment (IDE) : MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express versus SharpDevelop 4.*

Mar 6, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Recently we've added a second version (branch) of the Survey v. 1.2.3. Alpha source code to the codeplex repository.

This second version causes a split in the developmentmethod for the Surveyproject. Up untill Survey v. 1.2.2. the SharpDevelop IDE was used as a development tool and the Survey Solution was setup accordingly.
Since many visitors and developers make use of the MS VWD tooling a special Web Application Project (WAP) sourcecode version was created and published. The structure and setup of the WAP Solution however is quite different (note: we haven't tried opening the WAP in SharpDev yet).

This now leads to the question whether to keep developing in two different branches or to move to one of the two options:
a. Sharpdevelop setup
b. MS VWD setup.

For practical reasons we prefer not to maintain two different setups alongside each other. A choice will have to be made. We're curious to hear your opinions and arguments (pros and cons).

Please let us know what tooling (and solution setup) you would choose considering items like:

- tooling features/ options/ support/ ease of use/ 3rd party integration etc. ?
- (full) open source tooling yes/ no?
- WAP solution or Sharpdevelop solution setup?

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