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New Survey™ 1.2.3. Release

May 12, 2011 at 9:11 PM
Edited May 12, 2011 at 9:12 PM

Today the new and improved version of the Survey™ form engine and surveytool was released for public use.  You can download the installation files from this website (check Downloads).

*New Features & fixes:*

+Technical upgrades:+
* upgrade to .NET 4.*
* upgrade to C# 4.*
* upgraded to Web Application Project (WAP) and added Wap.Master page to solution
* Freetextbox upgrade to 3.3.1.

+Technical changes:+
- New (missing) stored procedure added: vts_spFileUnValidatedGetAll
- Mailingpollstatus.aspx removed and added to Mailingpoll.aspx / cs

+Features & Bugfixes:+
- Freetextbox imagegallery option added
- Fixed mailing issue: server url chopped because of Freetextbox setting
- Added RegEx to mailmessage code to clean html-code from textfile version of mails
- Wrong Url & Port in mailing corrected
- New layout and CSS changes (preparation for new features like treeviewlist and new menustructure)
- Logout url changed to default.aspx

*Note:* _Survey™ 1.2.3 will only work if you have the .NET 4.* Framework installed_

_Installation instructions_: check the ReadMe.txt file in the Licenses Directory.

* For information and questions visit the new Survey Community site at [url:|]
* Check the demosite at [url:|] for a live example of the 1.2.3 version.