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Survey Project v. 2.1. BETA

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Jul 16, 2012 at 9:23 PM

We're happy to announce the release of SP v. 2.1 Beta Install version at the downloads section. Beta sources will be released soon.

Main additions to SP™ v. 2.1 are the new Slider AnswerType, Report print options, enhanced password security and the new ErrorHandling features. Several security and useabililty improvements have been added as well.

New Features & Bugfixes:

- New Slider AnswerType added (Issue nr. 10088)

- AnswerField Helpfiles added

- Improved Errorhandling added (Issue nr. 10084)

  • Global error warningspage
  • HTTP error warningpage
  • Error logging to textfile
  • Error mail messaging

- Improved security for login page

- User password encryption changed to SHA256 (Issue nr. 10089)

- User password rules changed (min./ max lenght, variation)

- Survey password changed to SHA256 encryption (Issue nr. 10090)

- Survey password rules changed (min./ max lenght, variation)

- Empty field checks and warning messages (Issue nr. 10079)

- Max. lenght set on entry fields (Issue nr. 10080)

- RegEx validators and warningmessage set on entry fields

- Print preview & print option added to reports: a. voter reports; b. graphical reports

- Please check the ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.
- Check the SP21_PasswordUpdate.txt file for instructions on the password upgrades.

Warning: all user passwords will have to be reset after running the SP™ v. 2.1 database upgrade scripts.