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Save answers to db when user navigates to next page

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Feb 3, 2014 at 1:41 PM
Hey Survey Project Team

Could you give me some pointers. I would like to add a feature - where the survey admin can choose to have answers stored to the database, when the user navigates between pages. I realize that one would have to delete answers if the user navigates back, and changes answers that will change the flow.

Reason: We will have some long surveys. We also want to read the answers for non-complete surveys.

It seems answers are only at the end submitted and stored in the db. I can see there is an option to add a button the user can use to "Save progress" - this saves a new voter and answers to the database - if he hits it again, the existing voter and answers is deleted - and a new voter and answers are created. This does not seem to be the functionallity that I need.

Could you give me some pointers? I'm new to the Survey Project. Is there any issues that you foresee that I will run into?

Feb 3, 2014 at 9:16 PM

Your description of the working of saving answers in SP is correct. To advise on changing the current working as you suggest is a lot more complicated. Performance would be one issue to solve. Decide what answers to save (initial answers/ inbetween changes/ final answers) and how to keep track of them. Not change or corrupt the basic underlying structure of the answering proces etc. etc.

Since the SP project "team" is basically a "one man band" "we" can't spend much time advising on (major) changes. The effort and initiative is certainly appreciated. Possibly community members will jump in and share their knowledge/ experience.

Nevertheless keep sharing your questions/ ideas and solutions!

Kind regards
SP Coordinator