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To create a new Survey™ translation here's a brief instruction:

1- download & install the latest Survey™ version (regular install, sourcecode version not needed);

2- all language files can be found in the directory named 'XmlData' and its subdirectory 'Languages'; all helpfiles can be found in the subdirectory 'HelpFiles'

3- to create a complete translation 4 xml files per language are needed;

4- Here is an example based on Swedish language files:

I. XmlData directory

a.     --> list of countries
b. se.xml                    --> list of states or provinces

II. Languages directory

c. sv-SE.xml or sv.xml (or both) --> texts used on the Survey webapplication screens

Note: the proper language extentions (sv or SE) have to be determined per language.

III. Helpfiles directory

d. sv-SE.xml or sv.xml (or both) --> texts used on tooltips

5- To create these (4) files for a new language it's best to first create a copy of the (default) en-US files:


Next rename these files (see 3.) and start translating and adjusting the content.

6- You can test and check the translation files by just running the Survey Project™ application and refresh the page (Ctr + F5) after changing any of the xml files. Note: make sure you have set your browsers "language" to the language you are making the translation for (or set the default language in the web. config file). 

7- Once you are ready you can submit the (zipped) files to the following email address: We will then publicize the files on our sites and add them to the next Survey release. If it's appreciated credits will be given to the original translator, please let us know what name, email and/or website you would like to have mentioned.

8- If you have any further questions or need more instructions please check the Survey Community Forum or send your message to the Survey Project.

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